As much as we enjoyed Star Wars: Battlefront, we did have a gripe about the fact that there was no single-player mode in the game.

Sure, you could play against bots and there was a local multiplayer option in there as well, but the lack of a story mode was an issue with a lot of gamers. One of those gamers includes John Boyega, who's actually in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Yes, the guy who played a central role in the biggest film of 2015 and is now a key member of the Star Wars universe thinks Battlefront should have a Story Mode. That's just how egregious the lack of a singleplayer mode in Battlefront is.

Boyega took to Twitter a couple of days ago and called upon EA Games to sort out the issue, saying that he's "been playing Battlefront for years."


Of course, this could all be a very clever marketing ploy to get people talking about Battlefront again and an offline Story Mode would make for some interesting DLC, but maybe it's a case of trying to bolt the door after the tauntaun's bolted?

HAH. Star Wars wordplay. Excellent.


Via Twitter