Although the game isn't due out for another few months, there's been a lot of speculation surrounding Battlefront's sequel and what the game will entail.

One of the biggest gripes we and plenty of other people had with the first one was both the lack of a single-player campaign and the fact that the game was focused on the original trilogy as opposed, to say, the original Battlefront series - which allowed you to play both in the prequel and sequel trilogy. You also had no space battles, something that was later added as part of paid DLC - which really ticked off a lot of players, too.

Well, it looks like EA and DICE heard the many, many, many, many complaints because this leaked trailer for Battlefront 2 seems to have it all - some kind of a single-player campaign that features a soldier in the Empire after the Battle of Endor / Return of the Jedi, prequel trilogy characters (Darth Maul!!!) and much more expansive battles to play in.

It's hard to know exactly what'll end up in the finished game, as Battlefront's trailer had some features that were only added on as DLC.

In any event, this is a pretty solid trailer - let's just hope the game ends up delivering on the promise.