With the wind and the rain and the windy rain attacking us from all sides, it can be very easy for us to get down in the dumps and develop a real bad case of the moody blues thanks to those grey skies. Thankfully, movies have ALWAYS got our backs, and even when things look like they couldn't possibly get any worse outside, you can always sit in and be reminded that with just a gentle push in the right direction, things can be awesome again!

So here's ten movies to inspire you, along with what they'll inspire you to do.

Will Make You Want To: Pursue the love of your life!

Is there that special someone out there, that you are convinced is the one for you, but if only he/she would notice you? Or realise how you felt? Or felt that same way? Big Fish will re-instate your belief in true love, as even the most hardened of cynical hearts will want to run into the street and declare their undying love for that special, unrequited someone.

Will Make You Want To: Do the right thing!

There is nothing better than the feeling you get from knowing you've just done something good, and watching To Kill A Mockingbird shows one man fighting against ignorant injustice, and while it's not the same situation today, there are still plenty of opportunities and outlets that could use your help.

Will Make You Want To: Finish that project!

Chances are there's something you've got tucked away somewhere, either in a drawer by your bed or in the back of your mind, something that you've always wanted to do, or something you've started but never had the time or inclination to finish. Be it writing a book or a screenplay, starting a blog, taking up a new hobby, finishing some DIY thing or whatever, it's always just going to sit there, unrealised potential, until you decide to change that. So change that!

Will Make You Want To: Hit the gym!

Are you perfectly happy with your body? You are?? Well then congratulations! But the other 99.9999% of us aren't, and are usually more than perfectly happy to complain about it, thank you very much. However, watching Mister Balboa become a lean, mean, fighting machine will make you want to descend the nearest giant set of stairs two at a time. Or at least hit the treadmill at your local gym for 20 minutes. Baby steps!

Will Make You Want To: Change it up!

It can be so, SOOO easy to find yourself stuck in rut, with no discernible way out. But you'll find that changing one, tiny thing can spark a change that will change everything. So if there's something that's weighing you down because you feel you HAVE to endure it, be it a job or a relationship or whatever, just remember you can still alter your own path! Just don't piss off any obviously unstable, gun-toting neighbours!

Will Make You Want To: Travel, possibly alone!

Somewhere you always wanted to go, but keep pushing it off for whatever reason? There's always going to be a reason not to go Paris or Sydney or Vegas or Rio, but there really only needs to be one good reason to go. And if you have that one reason, then go! And if you do decide to go it alone, you've just opened your world up to a world of possibilities, which includes potentially meeting the love of your life.

Will Make You Want To: Do things differently!

Thinking outside of the box has become a bit of a clichéd response when it comes to trying to come up with something new, but it's a cliché for a reason, in that it's something that WORKS! Trying to approach something that has been tried and tested at a new light, at a new angle, with something completely different to the norm, especially when everyone is telling you not to? GO YOU!

Will Make You Want To: Be true to yourself!

Feel like you stand out from the crowd a little bit? Good. Good for you. That's legitimately a good thing. Although sometimes it can feel like people think you're a bit of an oddball, especially when you're younger, but we can guarantee that once you reach a certain age, maybe around the time you hit college, all that stuff that makes you different is going to be the stuff that makes you interesting!

Will Make You Want To: Try everything! And run too.

While not quite following the mind-set that Jim Carrey had in Yes Man, this is still basically about opening up your mind to trying new things. While Forrest had a life fraught with sadness and disappointments, that's true of us all. However, the highlights of his life would put all of ours to shame, and he managed it by simply being that bit more open-minded.

Will Make You Want To: Be happy!

Every now and again, everyone feels as if everything is just a little bit shit. Phoebe from Friends had this same thought, and Monica knew exactly how to fix her downer-buzz, by sticking on It's A Wonderful Life. Admittedly, Phoebe didn't watch it to the end, so we recommend that you do, especially as its closing in on the Christmas Season, and this is sure to put you in as happy a mood as any movie can!