Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, 'Men in Black' was both critically and commercially successful.

Based on the comics of Lowell Cunningham, the film has since become a cult classic with praise for both its use of CGI, comedic chemistry between Lee Jones and Smith, and its soundtrack.

It had sequels in 2002 and 2012, both directed by Sonnenfeld, and spawned an animated series. Altogether the films have grossed $1.655 billion worldwide.

Now its spin-off 'Men in Black: International' sees Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson replace Smith and Lee Jones as two new agents. Liam Neeson co-stars while Emma Thompson returns from the third film as the head of MIB, Agent O. It hits theatres next week.

With that in mind, here's 13 pieces of useless trivia on the original.