No doubt that when you're an actor, the nerves that come with being nominated for an Oscar can be unbearable.

After all, it's the most prestigious award an actor can win and it can often make or break a career. So how does one deal with that level of stress? Some have mantras, some death-grip the hands of their loved ones, some get high and try talk to Jeff Bridges.

That's what happened to Al Pacino at the Oscars in the '70s, when he somehow managed to get so high that he A) thought that the Oscars were an hour long, and B) thought that they weren't going to get to their category.

Of course, drugs are bad and you shouldn't do them and stuff, but you've got to laugh at how Al Pacino managed to get that high, and in his own words, "relaxed" about the whole thing that he tried to strike up a conversation with Jeff Bridges out of nowhere.

Plus, seeing as how Jeff Bridges would go on to play arguably the most recognisable on-screen stoner outside of Cheech and Chong, it's even more funny.

Here's the full clip from Al Pacino's appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.