If you happened to watch 'Venom' this weekend instead of 'A Star Is Born', there's a good chance you undoubtedly sat through to the ending to catch a glimpse of the post-credits sequence.

Obviously, if you haven't yet watched 'Venom' and are interested in watching it spoiler-free, you'll need to turn away now. Still here? Great. So, as you'd expect, Eddie Brock has now learned to control the parasite within him and is back on TV as a roving investigate journalist. We see Brock pull up outside San Quentin where he amiably chats with a guard about getting an exclusive interview with a serial killer, one which the FBI gave him the go-ahead on in exchange for the serial killer telling them where a bunch of bodies were hidden.

The serial killer, it turns out, is played by none other than Woody Harrelson in a very poor-looking and curly wig. As Harrelson's character, Cletus Kasady, fails to answer why he brought Brock to prison, he promises him that when he gets out, "it's gonna be... carnage," before it cuts back to the credits. So, as you can probably imagine, that's a reference to Carnage - a major villain in the comic-book series and one that was pretty adult for that kind of thing.

Essentially, Harrelson's character is a deranged serial killer who enjoys torturing people and becomes infected with the symbiote from Eddie Brock / Venom when the two of them share a prison cell in the comics. A sequel to 'Venom' hasn't been officially announced yet, and undoubtedly, much of it is going to depend on how well the movie performs at the box office. That said, the critical mauling it's received is pretty much universal and given how there's already a glut of superhero movies in cinemas, don't be at all surprised if you never get to see this become a reality.

In the comics, both Venom and Spider-Man have to team up to take on Carnage as his bond with the symbiote is that much more stronger because of Cletus Kasady's overall nature from being a homicidal sadist. The 'Maximum Carnage' storyline saw the character go on a killing spree across New York with the help of fellow supervillains Shriek, Demogoblin, the Doppelganger and Carrion - before they were eventually defeated by various members of the Avengers.

Whether or not the sequel to 'Venom' will do a straight adaptation remains to be seen, but seeing as how Spider-Man is a key part of the storyline, it seems unlikely it'll go down that route. The other question is whether or not people actually want to see a sequel to 'Venom' in the first place.

So, over to you, what did you make of 'Venom' and do you want to see a sequel?