Anyone who's seen 'Toy Story 4' knows it was an emotional finale for those beloved animated toys.

Was it as good as 'Toy Story 3'? Of course not. But it was a fitting finale to the saga and effectively bookended Woody's story, in our opinion.

In the end, Woody leaves new owner Bonnie as well as Buzz and the gang for a life with Bo. The two go off to pursue a life together of finding new owners for lost toys.

It made perfect sense as Woody was ready for a new life as Bonnie had bored of him while the other toys were happy to stay with their new owner. Woody had always sacrificed his own happiness for theirs; he'd even left Andy to be with and take care of them at the end of 'Toy Story 3'. But now he could pursue the path he wanted.

But it was almost all ruined by a different ending that would have ejected that emotional resonance.

Director Josh Cooley revealed that the last scene was almost Bo saying bye to Woody as she found an owner she wanted to be with. TWith the character having so fiercely rejected having an owner throughout the feature, it wouldn't have made sense.

It's also a bit of a slap in the face for Gabby-Gabby as Bo chooses “the girl from the store” – who could be Harmony, the kid Gabby Gabby spent the movie chasing — as “the one” for her. It's also a weird finale given Bo and Harmony didn't actually interact much in the movie.

Clearly it was a very early idea for the ending as it didn't progress beyond storyboard form. Still, you can check out what could have been below.