Although it did last for six seasons, a Community movie doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

That, however, hasn't stopped the cast regularly talking about how much they'd like to do a Community movie whenever there's a mic in front of them. Joel McHale, who played lawyer-turned-student-turned-professor Jeff Winger, is the latest of Community's cast to join the chorus of pleading for a Community movie.

"The way Dan (Harmon, the show's creator) has already described it - which I could not agree more with - is it can’t just be a 2-hour episode. It has to have a real budget and it has to be probably pretty epic. We need money. Netflix has the money!"

The last part is in reference to Yahoo! Screen, which shut down a few months ago and any chances of another Community series happening. Yahoo's short-lived streaming service made a huge win by taking on Community, however it's not exactly known how the series translated into viewing figures for the internet giant.

Community, as long-time fans will know, never really had huge audiences figures - but those that watched and loved the show were fervent and engaged with it. Not only that, the show picked up a second life after its initial run and continues to gain new followers all the time.

Just recently, Ken Jeong waxed lyrical about the possibility of a Community movie, saying that it almost definitely will happen. "You couldn’t sign me up any quicker. I hate to be all cryptic about it, but it will happen when it happens – but I definitely think it will happen."

Even Oscar-winning screenwriter and Dean of Greendale Community College, Jim Rash, has said that he's up for it. Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, all of them have said they're game for a Community movie. Not only that, Anthony & Joe Russo - directors of Captain America: Civil War - worked extensively on Community during its initial run. The only hold-out, as far as we can tell, is Donald Glover. Of course, he's off being Childish Gambino and is working on a series set in the Atlanta hip-hop scene.

The question is, of course, whether or not any studio or service is going to sign up and fund the thing in the first place. We'd definitely watch it if it came to fruition, but who knows? Nobody thought there'd be an Emoji Movie and here we are.


Via Variety / EW