The ghost with the most could be making a comeback to our screens.

Tim Burton's latest film, Big Eyes, sees him returning to somewhat familiar territory as he explores a misunderstood artist in the 1950's. Sounds a lot like Ed Wood, right?

Michael Keaton's enjoying a career resurgence with Birdman, a delirious take on his own career as Batman and the years that followed. Intriguingly, it was Tim Burton who Keaton worked with on Batman.

Burton was asked about the long-delayed Beetlejuice sequel and, by all accounts, it's "closer than ever."

"It's a character that I love and miss and I miss actually working with Michael. There's only one Beetlejuice," according to Burton.

Keaton feels the same, stating that "it has to be perfect."

Personally, we can't wait for another Beetlejuice. The film, admittedly, didn't perform hugely well at the box office, although it's reached a cult status in the intervening years.

Do you think a sequel would work? Did we say his name three times?