Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Moore look set to be busy in 2013. Both ladies picked up Golden Globes on Sunday night and new posters for their upcoming movies dropped today.

First up is Catching Fire. An animated version of this teaser posted did the rounds earlier in the year and now we've got an official, errr, normal version for Hunger Games fans to drool over. Catching Fire sees Katniss and Peeta head back into the ring as President Snow seeks revenge for their antics in the first film.

Julianne Moore is all about the iconic roles, what with playing Sarah Palin and all. Now she's tackling the role of Carrie's infamous religiously fanatic mammy and looking particularly frightening too. Now Julianne, there's a lot of love for you in this room, but we're going to have to wait and see if you can live up to Piper Laurie's standards. We're still not sure about the remake of the Brian De Palma classic y'see. Chloe Moretz, our eyes are on you!