The tempestuous but talented helmer of The Fighter and Three Kings (the less said about I Heart Huckabees the better) David O. Russell is in talks to direct the drama "American Bullsh*t" says Variety.

The flick will centre on a con artist who has teamed up with the FBI to solve a corruption case that "stretches from Atlantic City to Washington, DC." Russell isn’t attached yet, but producer and Charles Roven and actor Christian Bale are, and O'Russell told Deadline "Reports that I am attached to American Bullsh*t are premature. It is something I am in early discussions on and I have great respect for Chuck Roven and Christian Bale. I am also developing other projects and have not chosen my next film."

Russell is an out and out looper and has never really bettered Three Kings for me, but still, he's nothing if not interesting.