A deepfake video featuring 'Jim Carrey' (it's not actually Jim Carrey) has gone viral for its realistic appearance.

'Deepfake' videos use an AI-generated algorithm that scans a celebrity’s face and uploads it onto preexisting video content.

In the past, Jordan Peele has produced such a video featuring Barrack Obama to highlight the dangers of fake news and propaganda.

Elsewhere, they've been produced for humorous effect. For example, when they swapped in Nicholas Cage's face for Amy Adams' in this 'Man of Steel' clip.

This latest is arguably even more seamless.

In the tredning video, Jim Carrey has been integrated into Stanley Kubrick’s 'The Shining'. He appears opposite Shelley Duvall, replacing Jack Nicholson, in one of the film’s most famous scenes.

Carrey is one of few actors who can match Nicholson’s hyper energy, so seeing him play Jack Torrance definitely works. Mind you, his voice has not replaced Nicholson's for the scene.

The Shining' deepfake was uploaded by the Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube. It has gone viral with over a million views since it went online on July 8.

Check it out.