Blade Runner 2049 is only out a few days, but already critics and audiences - at least the ones who showed up to watch it, anyway - are hailing it as a masterpiece of modern cinema.

However, its fate at the box office is decidedly less positive. Against a production budget of close to $155 million, Blade Runner 2049 has scooped up a measly $12.7 million on its opening Friday in the US, with Forbes forecasting around $32 million across the next two days.

One of the financiers of the film remarked to Deadline that early figures in Europe weren't all that positive either, and it's expected to scrap in close to $100 million in the US by the end of its run. The only other place that Blade Runner 2049 has a chance of performing is in Asia, but that isn't the half of it.

Some sources are claiming that Blade Runner 2049 needs to make $400 million to break even. Going by these figures, there's little chance of that happening any time soon and it's quite possible the old Blade Runner magic isn't enough to keep it alive.

Here's our review, in any case. Are you planning on see it this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


Via Deadline / Forbes