Although we're still likely a few months out from a trailer, just about every scrap of imagery we can get our hands on 'Hobbs & Shaw' is fuel for the hype train.

While there's not much to tell from this Instagram post from Dwayne Johnson, it does reveal that production is clearly underway and that the first week of shooting (film shooting, not actual shooting although who knows) of 'Hobbs & Shaw' now complete.

Previous set photos showed Statham alone, so our guess is the team-up between Johnson and Statham has only taken place this week. Dear God, the testosterone readings must be off the charts. You'd just sprout a beard and suffer partial hair loss from looking at this image.

Also, note the tactical polo neck on Jason Statham. Are polo necks back in fashion now? Because it's been a long time and it's great to finally have them back.