In a rare moment of clarity for Eddie Murphy, the 53-year old comedian / actor owned up to something that pretty much everyone knew.

Namely, Beverly Hills Cop III was a load of sh*t.

In a recent interview, Murphy spoke about his career and the fact that he no longer needs a pay check to keep himself afloat.

When asked about the possibility of a fourth Beverly Hills Cop, Murphy said that  "it has to be right... not just thrown together to get a big check. I don’t need anymore of those.”

Where was that self-awareness when he was making The Adventures of Pluto Nash or Meet Dave?

As for Beverly Hills Cop IV, the production is still moving forward. Murphy has said he's up for it, but only if the script is right.

The failed TV pilot, which sparked a fourth Beverly Hills Cop, would have seen Murphy's Axel Foley as the police commissioner and his son as the roguish detective.

For a little reminder of how great the first Beverly Hills Cop was, take a look at this.


Via Yahoo! Movies