The Marvel actor probably felt the wrath of Kevin Feige and co after this mishap. *Potential MCU spoilers below*

MCU star Evangeline Lilly may have revealed too many details about who will be making a return as the 'Ant-Man 3' villain in the franchise's next outing.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Evangeline, who plays Hope van Dyke AKA The Wasp, couldn't help but share her joy after reading the 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' script.

However, the actor may have let slip the return of a previous MCU villain while using countless hashtags on her post. As well as referencing a number of her movie co-stars, such as Paul Rudd, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Michael Douglas, she also tagged Corey Stoll.

Corey played Darren Cross AKA Yellowjacket in the first 'Ant-Man' movie from 2015, a character who was presumed dead once the credits rolled. This is the MCU of course - and many actors have already revived their characters in different ways (The Red Skull and Baron Zemo to name a couple).

Here's the screenshots of Evangeline Lilly's Instagram post, which has since been deleted.

'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' will see director Peyton Reed helm the sequel, which will be using the same technology as Disney+'s Star Wars series 'The Mandalorian'.

Jonathan Majors, the star of 'Lovecraft Country' and 'Da 5 Bloods' is rumoured to be playing the supervillain Kang the Conqueror. Will he be teaming up with Corey Stoll's Yellowjacket on this new entry? Filming is due to get underway at the end of this month.

'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' has a release date of February 17, 2023.