Although it's been mentioned several times, going back nearly ten years ago, a new report by the Wall Street Journal has it that a 'Family Guy' movie is in active development at Fox.

The report, which details the future of Fox under Disney control, ended with a revelation that both a second 'Simpsons' movie and the long-awaited 'Family Guy' movie are in the works. What's more, the report's insider source claims the movie will "mix animation with live action," but stopped short of going into specifics.

As mentioned, 'Family Guy' has been around for coming up on twenty years - its first episode aired on January 31st, 1999 - and a movie has been rumoured since 2008, so while this all might sound great, there's still no definitive word yet on the project. Seth MacFarlane, meanwhile, is busy working on 'The Orville' - not to mention 'Family Guy', 'American Dad!' and producing the new season of 'Cosmos' with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

The other unknown in all this is where exactly 'Family Guy' will land in the Fox-Disney merger, and whether or not the series is guaranteed to continue on. Given how gigantic the deal is and how there's bound to be casualties, could it be that the 'Family Guy' movie will mean the end of the series as a whole?

Who knows.