You have to give credit to Shia LaBeouf and his complete lack of shame for making 'Honey Boy'.

What actor would have the actual cajones to not only make a movie about their own upbringing, but actually go out and play their father in that same movie? Shia LaBeouf. Shia f***ing LaBeouf. Because he cares not for your societal structures or concepts of vanity and artistic integrity.

No, he wants to play his father in a movie that people will have to pay money to see. That's Shia LaBeouf, man. That's art. He's out there making art, man. You just don't get it, man. Art, man.

At the risk of being mean-spirited, Shia LaBeouf's father, Jeffrey LaBeouf, looks like a background character from a flashback episode of The Simpsons when it showed Marge and Homer in the '70s - and, to be fair, it's not far from the reality. In an interview with the Orange County Register, LaBeouf explained how his Vietnam War veteran father worked as a clown and, on top of that, was also a recovering heroin addict.

No release date has been set for 'Honey Boy'.