On first glance (if you squint your eyes and don't look all that closely) the above image COULD be a still from Inglourious Bastards. But no, it's another movie starring Brad Pitt set in World War 2 with a bunch of manly men, among which Shia LaBeouf is included.

'Fury' will differ considerably from Tarantino's revisionist take on WW2 as it comes from David Ayer and it's a straight up drama. Pitt assumes the leader role once more, and goes by the name of Wardaddy. Set towards the final stages of war, his job here is to lead a group of allies in their final mission against the nazis.

Release dates over this side of the pond have yet to be confirmed but it hits American theatres on November 14th 2014, should you find yourself overseas.

Nothing like a good, meaty WW2 flick to get us geared up for winter.