Rock of Ages is pretty much a bomb at the worldwide box-office, after even the star name cast couldn't make it break the top 3 in UK theatres.

The film took a disappointing $14.4 million in its US opening, taking third spot, and coined just over a million (sterling) in its UK bow - taking just fourth place. Russell Brand has done a shitload of press for the film, but was none too happy about being asked personal questions about his recent breakup with pop star Katy Perry. Tom Cruise's star power alone should've seen a much higher opening - especially considering that he's coming off of the biggest hit of his career (MI:4); but the core story just seems to have left some cinema goers cold, and word of mouth wasn't carrying it forward the way it should have throughout the weekend.

A series of high profile films have now underperformed this summer. Alongside 'Ages' there are disappointing numbers for Dark Shadows, That's My Boy, Battleship, The Dictator, Wrath of the Titans, John Carter and even Men In Black 3 (which did good business but not enough to justify the budget).