Olympus Has Fallen was a delightfully ridiculous romp about a US President played by Aaron Eckhart who was under siege from North Korean terrorists in the White House.

Grimy, dirty, it played like Die Hard and Gerard Butler looked and acted like he was cut from the cloth of every '80s action hero you can think of. London Has Fallen, its sequel, was a complete and utter dog's dinner of a film that intended audiences to cheer for a drone strike on a family wedding. No, really.

Angel Has Fallen, the proposed threequel, will hopefully be going back to basics. In fact, it's basically taking a leaf out of Wolfgang Petersen's 1997 cinematic tour de force that was Air Force One. See the joke we did there? No? Whatever.

Anyway, it's been confirmed that Butler will be reprising his role as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning and, presumably, will still be protecting Aaron Eckhart from nasty terrorists. This time, however, the film will focus on an attack on Air Force One - codenamed Angel - and will see the terrorists out for Gerard Butler's character specifically.

We're expecting a big, stupid, loud blockbuster with some awful cheesy dialogue. Can't wait, to be honest. Here's a little snifter of what made Olympus Has Fallen so good.