As we previously reported, Harrison Ford's been quite enthusiastic about the Blade Runner sequel.

The veteran actor described the script as "the best thing he's ever read" and said that he's more than happy to return as Deckard. Well, it's official as news broke during the night that Ford has officially signed on to star to in the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel.

How long? Thirty-three years, by our count.

As for who'll be directing, Ridley Scott has made it clear that he's hands-off with the sequel. However, one name has come to the fore - Denis Villeneuve. He directed 2013's gripping psycho-thriller Prisoners and this year's totally-bonkers Enemy.

We've marked him out in the past as someone to watch and his eye for cinematography - he worked with Roger Deakins too, to be fair - is pretty outstanding. In short, we can't think of a better replacement for Scott.

Let's not forget the absolute mess that was Exodus: Gods & Kings. Scott clearly has lost whatever it was that made him a great director, and he's being smart by letting a young, up-and-comer take a run at one of his greatest works.

Yes, we could argue and debate about whether there SHOULD be a Blade Runner sequel, but we've got to admit - the inclusion of Denis Villeneuve has us cautiously optimistic. Prisoners was a brilliant film, so we can deduce that he's capable of taking on weighty material like this.

What do you think? Should there be a Blade Runner sequel? What about Ford and Villeneuve? Let us know in the comments!