It's always been a thing in Oscar history that the most profitable films very often don't get anywhere near a nomination.

There's been plenty of examples down through the years, but this year's statistics make for some pretty interesting reading. Using financial history, estimates for marketing and award campaigns as well as other hidden costs, analysts have predicted that the most profitable film at this year's Oscars was Ridley Scott's The Martian.

Working off of an estimated budget of $108 million for just production, The Martian had a worldwide box-office of $624.1 million which gives it a profit of in and around $80 to 100 million when marketing etc is factored in. Not surprising, really, as The Martian was a big, crowd-pleasing hit and reminded us all that Ridley Scott can make a good film when he wants to.

Second was The Revenant, which analysts estimated a budget of $135 million all in. That made $405.1 million across the globe and counting, leaving in and around $25 to $45 million for profits. Again, not surprising as you had Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy - two of the biggest actors working today - attached to the film.

As for our own efforts, Brooklyn didn't do all that badly. Against an estimated budget of around $10 million, Brooklyn made $52.2 million worlwide which, according to the analysts, leaves its profits at $3 to $4 million. Room, however, didn't fare too well. According to the estimates, Room was reportedly made for around $12 million and scored $23.5 million globally, however the predictions have it that Room lost $2 to $4 million.

It's hard to fathom how Room could have lost money globally, especially considering it was so well-received and was an adaptation of a bestselling novel. Hollywood accounting, of course, is an absolute brain-twister so it's entirely possible that these estimates are not 100% accurate. While some of the films are sill on release. 

The guys at broke down the list in full. 

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