After a smog of rumour about whether or not the IFTAs were even going to happen this year, we now have the nominees for the Film categories in our sweaty palms.

We've also got the nominations for the TV categories over here that you should also take a look at.

So, first thoughts? Lots of great Irish film and lots of what we expected. Moe Dunford, Terry McMahon and Patrick's Day is, rightfully, picking up a lot of nominations and is tied with Lenny Abrahamson's Frank for nine nominations.

Gerard Barrett's second directorial outing, Glassland, scores six nominations whilst I Used To Live Here, Noble and Song of the Sea are tied with three nominations each.

Predictions? We're backing Patrick's Day for Best Film, John Carney for directing Begin Again, Terry McMahon for writing Patrick's Day and Moe Dunford and Deirdre O'Kane for Best Actor / Actress respectively.

The awards for the film categories will be broadcast on TV3 at some stage in the coming months.

Here's the list for film categories in full!


Best Film

I Used to Live here
Patrick's Day
Song of the Sea

Director / Film

Lenny Abrahamson - Frank
Gerard Barrett - Glassland
John Carney - Begin Again
Terry McMahon - Patrick's Day

Script / Film

Gerard Barrett - Glassland
Frank Berry - I Used to Live Here
Will Collins - Song of the Sea
Terry McMahon - Patrick's Day

Actor in a Lead Role in Film

Moe Dunford - Patrick's Day
Colin Farrell - Miss Julie
Michael Fassbender - Frank
Jack Reynor - Glassland

Actress in a Lead Role in Film

Tara Breathnach - A Nightingale Falling
Jordanne Jones - I Used to Live Here
Simone Kirby - Jimmy's Hall
Deirdre O'Kane - Noble

Actor in a Supporting Role in Film

Domhnall Gleeson - Frank
Allen Leech - The Imitation Game
James Nesbitt - Gold
Andrew Scott - Pride

Actress in a Supporting Role in Film

Kerry Condon - Gold
Sinéad Cusack - Queen and Country
Sarah Greene - Noble
Catherine Walker - Patrick's Day

George Morrison Feature Documentary

Blood Fruit - Ferndale Films
In A House That Ceased To Be - Atlantic Film Alliance
One Million Dubliners - Underground Films
Road - DoubleBand Films
Unbreakable- Ross Whitaker

Animation Short

An Ode to Love - Matthew Darragh
Fresh Cut Grass- Boulder Media
Somewhere Down the Line - Julien Regnard
The Ledge End of Phil (from accounting) - Paul Morris

Short Film

Boogaloo and Graham - Michael Lennox / Ronan Blaney / Brian Falconer
I Am Here - David Holmes
Rockmount - David Tynan
Skunky Dog - James Fitzgerald