With 'Inception' heading back to cinemas for its tenth anniversary, the rumour mill spins up once again that it's somehow related to 'Tenet', due in cinemas at the end of this month.

After all, they're both sci-fi mixed with espionage, both feature strange new ways of implementing stunts, and both feature a guy with a silencer in a very well-tailored suit. Coincidence? Or does Christopher Nolan just have a yen for that kind of look? Who knows.

Either way, the trailer for the re-release of 'Inception' features that infamous 'bwaammmm' sound effect, not to mention the same piece of music from the original trailer. On top of that, you also clearly see the top flickering at the end of the trailer, which seems to be pretty much confirming that, yes, he's in reality at the end of the movie - just as Michael Caine said himself.

Here's the trailer. 'Inception' arrives in Irish cinemas on August 14th, with 'Tenet' arriving on August 26th.