Admittedly I didn't become an Iron Man fan until I saw Marvel's The Avengers last summer. Now, although he's quite the cocky sh*t, I'm very much on team Tony Stark. How could you not be? Robert Downey Jnr's got so much charm, he doesn't know what to do with it. Having seen some footage from Iron Man 3 at a recent Disney presentation, I can assure you that the third installment of the standalone franchise is set to be a good'un. What makes it even more exciting is Guy Pearce's involvement as one of Stark's villains. (Though it's Ben Kingsley as Mandarin who takes on the role of chief bad guy here.) I only just revisited the wonder that is LA Confidential last week. Starring Pearse, Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe, this was one of the first movies to really propel Pearce towards the upper echelons of Hollywood actors, a height he's remained at ever since. The perfect actor to star opposite Downey Jnr, in terms of star power, on screen presence, charm, charisma, we're dying to see how Pearce measures up against our leading hero.

Check out his first official poster as Aldrich Killian below. Iron Man 3 hits cinemas on April 26th, not long to go now.