The Terminator reboot has seemingly been named - and we say seemingly because it was revealed via a tweet from Production Weekly - and the alleged title is...Terminator: Genesis.

The tweet gave nothing away, it was simply a blink and you'll miss it mention, but a title like that sounds plausible enough to us.

Although details of the story have been kept quiet, it's likely that Sarah Connor and John Connor will appear in some form or other. Brie Larson and Emilia Clarke are both reportedly in the running to take the role made famous by Linda Hamilton. Alan Taylor, director of Thor: The Dark World is set to take the helm.

To make it more interesting, a companion TV series is also being made. Deadline say that the series will 'follow the same pattern' as the sister film and that it will diverge from Terminator (1984), going in a completely different direction at a crucial moment. Ooo, now that has caught our attention.

We will definitely be keeping our ears open for more news on this project and will post an update as soon as we hear anything.