Although the name Herve Villechaize might not immediately sound familiar to anyone under the age of 30, the actor was a familiar name and face in '80s television.

Best known as Tattoo in Fantasy Island with Ricardo Montalaban and evil henchman Knick-Knack in The Man With The Golden Gun, Villechaize was perhaps the most well-known actor in Hollywood who suffered from proportionate dwarfism until his death by suicide in 1993.

It's been confirmed by Deadline that Peter Dinklage will star in a biopic film on Villechaize's life and career, with Jamie Dornan set to play a struggling journalist who interviews him shortly before his death. The story is partially based on director Sacha Gervasi's own interview with Villechaize, who also wrote the screenplay with Dinklage as well.

There's no release date for the film as of yet as Dornan is currently in production on Robin Hood: Origins whilst Dinklage still has Game of Thrones on his plate, but you can expect an interesting film whenever it gets released.


Via Deadline