Jason Momoa seems a gas sort. One of those actors that's kinda been on the cusp of superstardom for a few years now.

We walked past him on Camden Street once and we can confirm he is an absolute tank.

Anyhow, Momoa will team with San Andreas director Brad Peyton and attempt to make video game adaptations great (ha!) again.

The duo has signed on for a big screen version of the game Just Cause, which features government agent Rico Rodriguez blowing shit up in a country ran by a not sound dictator. That'll learn him *shakes fist

Momoa has the titular lead in Aquaman, which is in the very capable hands of Fast 7 and Conjuring helmer James Wan. That could very well be a turning point for the DC universe and the actor is ready to capitalise.

Peyton is about to lens on another Dwayne Johnson-starrer, 'Rampage' .

Via Deadline