Damn it! We knew this was just too good to be true.

Joe Carnahan has exited Bad Boys 3 (Bad Boys for Life) with the official line being that of a scheduling conflict - although it's rumoured it was actually that other old chestnut 'creative differences'.

This is a damn shame. Carnahan is an excellent director who makes interesting, muscular films with an edge. Even The A-Team is really good fun and wholly underrated. The prospect of his teaming with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and their dynamic was way more exciting than Michael Bay returning.

Carnahan is working on a remake of The Raid with (the underrated/awesome) Frank Grillo, and will likely concentrate on that next.

Bad Boys 3 is considered a "go" film, so whoever comes on will have to be ready to roll within months. We'd say back up the truck full of cash to Chad Stahelski's gaff. Once we get to see John Wick 3 in a couple of years too.