Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are some of the biggest names on YouTube.

Not only are they business partners, internet sensations, and movie stars - they're best friends too!

They each have a healthy seven or eight million followers on YouTube. And that's just on their main channels! Never mind their gaming channels, their vlogging channels, their Instagram or any other social platform. That's a pretty big fandom!

If you're only familiar with Joe Sugg from his Strictly Come Dancing days, you might be interested in hearing how he gained his internet fame!

So when I had the opportunity to talk to them both about their new film Wonder Park, plus about their experience of becoming massive on YouTube, I jumped at the chance.

In this interview, we talked about their real life close friendship and their obsession with pranks. We also chat about Wonder Park and the importance of talking about tough subjects in movies and online. And the big question - how to make it big on YouTube. Check out the video to hear what they had to say!

Wonder Park also stars Mila Kunis and Jennifer Garner, and it follows a young girl called June as she finds out the theme park she imagined up with her sick mum is actually real. Joe and Caspar's beavers, Gus and Cooper, help June and the other characters save the theme park from being destroyed. Watch the trailer for Wonder Park here.

You can catch Wonder Park in Irish cinemas from April 12th.