John Michael McDonagh's no stranger to controversy and feels no need to guard himself against the type of comments that'd make publicists wince.

If anything, the director of The Guard and co-writer of Calvary seems to enjoy it. In a recent Q&A at SXSW for his upcoming film, War On Everyone, McDonagh was quizzed about the casting choices for the film. One actor who was considered was Garrett Hedlund, star of Tron: Legacy and Unbroken.

McDonagh, however, had a few choices words for Hedlund. "We had another guy, but he was kind of a prick. Garrett Hedlund."

You have to understand that most Q&As are usually the most boring affairs. It's usually talking about how everyone loved everyone, how the set was a really fun place, blah, blah, blah, blah, mention the film's name a few times.

To get a director speaking up and, on the surface at least, being honest about what he thinks is pretty amazing. More of this from directors and actors, please and thank you.


Via Uproxx / FilmDrunk

Header Image via Daniel Anderson