In the lead up to the much-anticipated release of Jordan Peele's new sci-fi horror 'Nope', the director has shared a mysterious website for a theme park.

Shared on Twitter, the link guides users to the 'Jupiter's Claim' website. When clicking into the site, one is welcomed by a short message from the park's mascot, Jupe.

"Hello! Former child actor and reality tv star, Ricky “Jupe” Park here, of Kid Sheriff©️ fame! I’m thrilled to have you drift on into the dusty claim I’ve staked in these here parts! Jupiter’s Claim™️ is the bestest darn California Gold Rush theme park in the Santa Clarita / Lancaster area! Perfect for family outings, school groups, and birthday parties!"

Once on the site, everything looks quite normal, you might even be convinced the theme park is real. However, the longer one spends on the site, the weirder things get, with sudden ominous changes to the music, colour scheme and text descriptions. Things don't feel quite right.

Users can also play a mini-game on site, which allows them to earn coins to throw into the Winkin' Well.

While plot details are kept under wraps for the upcoming film, Jupiter's Claim is surely going to have some connection. We've already seen from some trailers a theme of cowboys, horse-riding and staged shows in the dusty, Californian desert location.

The final trailer for 'Nope' released last month, giving us slightly more insight into the mysterious plot. We get a brief view of a UFO in the final seconds.

In a behind-the-scenes video Peele says, "this whole film is as ambitious a cinematic event as I have planned so far in my career."

Check out the Jupiter's Claim website here. Who knows what you might uncover?

'Nope' releases in Irish cinemas on July 22.