Jordan Peele stepped out at CinemaCon this week to discuss the meaning behind his mysteriously titled new movie 'Nope'.

The Oscar-winning director has become known for his twist on the horror genre, with films like 'Get Out' and 'Us'.

The trailer, which released a few months ago, reveals more questions than answers about the plot of the modern-horror director's new flick. It features frequent collaborator Daniel Kaluuya riding on horseback through the Californian desert as something extra-terrestrial descends from the sky.

Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Barbie Ferreira, Brandon Perea and Michael Wincott also star in the film.

"Trailers will give you a taste, but we want to retain some of the mystery, so you can be satisfied going to the damn movie," said Peele, before then giving the audience a sneak preview of an extended trailer for the film.

'Nope' is described as a reimagining of the summer film. It follows residents of a lonely part of inland California who "bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery."

"I love a rapt audience saying, 'Nope!' or, 'Get out the house!' I love to encourage that interaction because that's what's giving the audience a unique experience," Peele said at the Universal Pictures panel on Wednesday. "Rollercoasters aren't fun alone. Being scared isn't fun alone. You need that energy."

"This film is definitely a ride. The title speaks to the idea of being in tune with what the audience is thinking and feeling in the theater," Peele continued. "I know a lot of people who say, when it's a scary movie, they say, 'Nope!' Especially Black audiences, right? We love horror but there's a skepticism." 

There's certainly a mysterious air to Peele's upcoming film. And, honestly, we very much like it that way. We can't wait to go in to the cinema for this one, ready to be surprised.

'Nope' is scheduled for release in Irish cinemas on July 22.