You might even say the cat's out the bag?

US viewers hoping to watch the live-action / animated hybrid reboot of 'Tom & Jerry' on HBO Max were in for a surprise when they got a four-hour movie that features copious amounts of lens-flare and probably a Leonard Cohen song in there too.

Yes, it's been reported that numerous HBO Max subscribers clicked on 'Tom & Jerry' and got 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' instead, over a week before its scheduled release. Per numerous reports, it appears that viewers only got to see the first hour of the movie.

Warner Bros., for their part, are claiming that the error "was addressed within minutes" and only impacted some viewers. So far, Zack Snyder hasn't responded to the error, but you've got to imagine this is just going to stick in the craw of all the campaigners who spent years and devoted thousands of hours to getting the four-hour cut of 'Justice League' made - only for it to drop early and in the middle of a very average-looking kids' movie.

'Zack Snyder's Justice League' is set for release in Ireland via premium on demand rental on March 18th. We hope to have a review before then.