Kevin Spacey's final movie to date, 'Billionaire Boys Club', is getting a theatrical release in the US after rumours that the film was being shelved in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct and assault against the actor.

Spacey was accused by a number of men of sexual misconduct and harassment, including Richard Dreyfuss' son, a former member of the Norwegian royal family, and an anonymous man who claimed he had a sexual relationship when he was 14 and Spacey was 24. The movie in question was filmed in 2015, long before allegations against Spacey came to light and hence why the distribution company are pushing ahead with the release.

In a statement, Vertical Entertainment said that they "hope these distressing allegations pertaining to one person’s behavior — that were not publicly known when the film was made almost 2.5 years ago — do not tarnish the release," and added that it was "neither an easy nor insensitive decision to release this film in theaters, but we believe in giving the cast, as well as hundreds of crew members who worked hard on the film, the chance to see their final product reach audiences."

The film is due for a VOD release in the US next month with a theatrical release in August. It's unclear as of yet whether or not there'll be an international release, but for the moment, it looks like the distribution company are still actively pushing it and released a trailer some weeks ago with Spacey's character front and centre.

Spacey has not been publicly seen since the allegations surrounding him surfaced.