Kiefer Sutherland has spoken about the long-gestating, much mooted big screen adaptation of 24, giving an update as to where he and the filmmakers are. 

"I've been working very hard to make that happen," He is quoted as saying to Yahoo. "The process has taken us so long because it's such a complicated script to write." He continued by explaining: "Normally, we have 24 hours to tell a story. Trying to condense it into two hours involves a lot of hard choices: What kind of story do you want to tell? How political do you want to make it? How character-driven do you want to make it?" He added finally. "The film will pick up with Jack Bauer six months after the end of the final TV episode," he confirmed. "We still need to find a director and see which actors from the series would be available to return to do the film with me."

Sutherland is currently starring in Touch, which was just renewed for a second season by Fox.