As Barbara Brocolli considers her options for the future of James Bond behind the scenes, fans have been very vocal about who they'd like to see take the series forward. 

There's a lot of online support for both Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba to take up the Walther PPK for Bond's next outing and the bookies have already suspended betting on the former being named as Daniel Craig's successor. However Skyfall director Sam Mendes has weighed on this and said that whoever Brocoli chooses, it will be an unexpected move. 

The most unexpected move of all and one we'd love to see happen would be to cast a woman in the role as 'Jane' Bond. A fan made poster was retweeted by Gillian Anderson last week and it's garnered a lot of support ever since. So intrigued are we by the concept of Jane Bond that we decided to dream cast the next Bond film with Anderson in title role. 

Here's what we came up with. 

Jane Bond - Gillian Anderson

While Emilia Clarke has expressed interest in the role and we could totally see her as great choice we're going to go with Anderson to get the ball rolling on Jane Bond. It would be great to see her take on an older Bond who's been battle hardened after years in the game and is questioning her motivations for remaining in this world.


M - Gary Oldman

While there's already a top class M in the form of Ralph Fiennes we're starting from scratch in our casting and it's hard to look past Gary Oldman when looking for the qualities M needs. 

An old school English gent with military service in his background? As his turn in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy proved, Oldman is made for that type of character. 


Q - Michelle Dockery

Continuing the trend set by Skyfall and Spectre we'd cast a young Q who could enjoy a bit of banter with Bond. Michelle Dockery would be our choice to take on the role. Her turn as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey shows she can throw out put-downs like the best of them and we could easily believe she can create a pen that's also bomb AND tells the time. 


Moneypenny - Henry Cavill

We'd cast Henry Cavill as he's got the traditional English gent look down to a tee. He could also pull off the doe-eyed personality that this version of Moneypenny needs. 


The Villain:

Melissa Pearson - Kate Winslet

If you're going to cast Gillian Anderson as Bond then you need to have someone who can match her in terms of presence as the villain.

Kate Winslet has that presence and then some. Her recent turn in Triple 9 proved that she can be nasty when she wants to be and we think she'd have an absolute ball playing the baddie. 


The Bond Boys:

Hunter Sands - Armie Hammer

Hunter would be the CEO of a fortune 500 company who's kidnapping sets the plot in motion. Bond will have to rescue Sands who'll hold the key to discovering what the villain's fiendish plan is. 

We'd cast Armie Hammer as Sands because not only could he embody the confident swagger of billionaire CEO, he could also pull off the double cross plot twist when he betrays Bond and it turns out he was helping the Pearson all along. 


Professor P. Hadron - Jamie Dornan

Professor Hadron is the brilliant physicist at the centre of it all who would have course have witty innuendo filled banter with 007. 

"You must be Professor Hard-"
"It's Hadron. Like the particle, not like the, eh, groin."
"Well I look forward to our collisions, professor..."

We're casting Jamie Dornan in the role because he can do the mysterious brooding type in his sleep and also as a form of wish fulfillment fans of The Fall that desperately want to see Stella Gibson and Paul Spector get it on. 


Theme song to be written and performed by - Beyonce

Why? Because who run the world? Girls.......we'll get our coats. 


Would you prefer to see someone else play Jane Bond? Let us know in the comments.