Oscar time is amost upon us so naturally we've begun speculating over who will reign supreme. Considering the string of luck Ben Affleck's Argo has been experiencing of late, we reckon it'll do pretty well come Oscar Sunday too, especially when you take into account how enraged almost everybody was when hearing the news that he'd been snubbed from the Best Director category.

One person who's certainly rooting for Ben is friend of entertainment.ie (we say this because we spent a whole half hour with him which, y'know, means we're totes bezzies) Mark Wahlberg. Not only is he hoping Argo gets the nod it deserves, he predicts it.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Wahlberg had no qualms in sharing his Oscar predictions. And we couldn't agree more.

"I think there's a 110% chance Daniel Day-Lewis will win (Best Actor). I think Argo will definitely win 'Best Picture'... I think Ben Affleck not being nominated for 'Best Director' has now turned into a blessing because everyone's outraged by the fact he wasn't nominated, so now he's going to win everything, and I think it's a great movie too."

He continued: "Personally, I love Life of Pi. Maybe it was because I spent four months working opposite an imaginary teddy bear, and Suraj Sharma had to do the same thing with this tiger, I just thought his performance was spectacular... And it was his first time out. I thought, 'Wow'. It took me 30 movies to be confident enough to pull that off."

Do you agree? Who are you rooting for? Check back later for our full Oscar prediction list.