What's even better than a regular Michael Keaton interview? How about a Michael Keaton interview where he talks about Batman.

Michael Keaton is a wonder; you wouldn't think his 70th birthday is approaching this September. He recently joined Jimmy Fallon on his late night talk show to briefly discuss his latest blockbuster, 'The Flash', which will see him reprise his role as Batman. Speaking of which, Michael Keaton also remembered an encounter with Jack Nicholson on the set of 'Batman' in the late '80s when he was trying to beef himself up.

Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson played opposite each-other in Tim Burton's 'Batman', which saw the latter play Batman's nemesis The Joker. Given that the caped crusader dons a significantly large black suit, with a built-in six-pack, the moment shared on set between the two actors over 30 years ago made Michael question his work-out routine, and if it was even necessary.

As previously mentioned, his '80s/'90s Batman is on the return in DCEU's 'The Flash', which is expected to speed into theatres in 2022. When asked by Jimmy what it's like for him to suit up once again, Michael kept it short and sweet saying: "Like riding a bike."

'The Flash' stars Ezra Miller as superhero Barry Allen, along with Ben Affleck, who will also be reprising his role as Batman. Saoirse-Monica Jackson from 'Derry Girls' has also joined the line-up in an undisclosed role.

Confusingly, that other Robert Pattinson Batman film, 'The Batman', isn't part of the DCEU universe. Instead, it is part of the DC Films Multiverse, of which 'Joker' is a part of.

Michael Keaton's new movie 'The Protege', also starring Samuel L. Jackson, is expected to be released later this year.