I'm sorry. I just cannot take Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously unless he's appearing in a movie as The Terminator. Nothing else. Surely the producers that want him in their movies could find SOME way to incorporate his 'I'll be back' destroyer into their plots, no? Any other role just doesn't make sense. Except maybe for Conan the Barbarian.

In the latest flick to star the tank-built former Governor of California, The Last Stand shows Arnie doing his best as a local sheriff to make sure those dodgy looking dudes get nowhere near 'our town'. Still sounding as though he just got off the boat, it's not so much Schwarzenegger that draws us to this movie, but rather the presence of Forest Whittaker. Bit of a legend, I think you'll all agree.

Anyway, decide for yourselves. Will you be heading to see Arnie in action?