This is not a drill, folks. This is happening.

She's All That, easily the best Freddie Prinze Jr.-starring teen comedy of all time, is getting a remake.

For those that lived a happy life during the 1990s and sticked to Dawson's Creek and didn't venture into a cinema, She's All That told the story of a football jock who's forced into dating weirdo-artsy type Rachel Leigh Cook in order to fulfil a bet with his teammates.

It had a pretty cast, including Usher (!) as a school radio DJ, the sadly departed Paul Walker as the friend, Freddie Prinze Jr. as the jock, Lil Kim (remember her?) as one of the friends, True Blood's Anna Paquin was in it for five minutes, even one of the Arquettes turned up as well.

It's total cheese and we simply cannot get over the fact that it's being remade. It's a damn travesty is what it is.

As for who's attached to return / star, there's been no confirmation. The director reported to helm the remake of this modern cinematic masterpiece previously directed an episode of The Ghost Whisperer. No, we're really not joking.

We're starting the petition now to have Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr. to star as the concerned, married parents of whoever the teenagers are in the film.

That needs to happen, in order to fully continue the series and give it some form of continuity.

Check out the trailer for mid-90s awfulness.