Well, it's all done and dusted for another year, and as we look back on the 85th Annual Academy Awards we can't help but reflect on a few key events during last night's ceremony. From Seth MacFarlane's opening monologue to Ben Affleck's victory with Argo here, in no particular order, are Ten Memorable Oscars Moments...

1. Seth McFarlane's Opening Monologue
Whether you loved him or loathed him the world is still talking abut Seth MacFarlane's Oscars opener. It was jam packed with more mildly offensive jokes than you could shake a sock puppet at, and even featured a Rihanna/Chris Brown reference that left the audience in shock. Ah sure, they knew what they were getting when they hired the man behind Family Guy, right? On a lighter note, there were some wonderful cameos from Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe.

2. William Shatner's Cameo
Captain Kirk is on a giant floating screen, why is he on a giant floating screen? Well, to save the Oscars, or so Mr Shatner said. He was part of that elabroate ploy by MacFarlane to pre-empt the torrent of abuse that would greet him the morning after the night before, and certainly played his role well. Some even said he was funnier than the host, but we'll leave it to you to decide on that one.

3. That Lincoln Joke

The less we say about that one the better. Seth's little ditty about John Wilkes Booth's ability to get inside the head of Abraham Lincoln bombed as badly on Twitter as it did in the Dolby Theatre. Don't mess with patriotic people Seth, there will be blood...

4. Adele winning an Oscar for Skyfall
She belted her choon out for all to hear before racing on stage to collect the gong for the Bond anthem. Ah would'ja look at her? Sure isn't she just great? We love her honesty and can't wait to see what this young lady gets up to next!

5. Third Time Lucky for Daniel-Day Lewis (Even if he had two already...)
Ah sure weren't we only too delighted to see our adopted son taking home another little golden man? The Academy clearly thinks Dan's a bit of a ledgebag...

6. Anne Hathaway's Acceptance Speech

"It came true...". B*tch please... You don't hear our Daniel coming out with that sort of drivel. Lucky for her she kept the hysterics to a minimum after that vomit enducing whisper on stage....but no so much in the Press Room. We really like you Anne, we just can't stand your sugary acceptance speeches...

7. Sally Field getting it on with Seth MacFarlane

Proving once again why she's still the first lady of film (her dress was FAB too by the by), Sally Field got in on the action with the Oscars host and showed she wasn't afraid to have a laugh at herself. We won't spoil all your fun by showing you the video for this one just yet, but we definitely recommend you watch it again tonight. G'wan Sally!

8. Jennifer Lawrence falling flat on her arse
Ah JLaw, you'll never forget winning your first Oscar, not least because 'you fell ovaaah' on the way to accept it. But hey, nothing phases this remarkably talented 22-year-old, so she ploughed on and gave a lovely acceptance speech. We love her more than ever.

9. The Musical Montage

Words wouldn't really do this magical montage justice so why don't you just enjoy it in all its glory? We do warn you though, it gets a bit shouty near the end...

10. Argo in general

First there was Seth MacFarlane's wonderful jab at the Acadmey for leaving Affleck out of the running, then there were victories for Editing and Adapted Screenplay, and finally the big one: Argo took home the gold. We LOVED the film, we gushed over Ben Affleck, and we think we'll remember this one for as long as Ben and Jen. And Bryan Cranston, of course!

On a side note, was it just us, or did Kristen Stewart seem a little out of it when presenting with Daniel Radcliffe? Until next year...