Ah sure 'tis Friday. With the closing of the week comes an exciting new handful of cinema releases to choose from. So which will you see this weekend? The one we'd most recommend is James Marsh's IRA thriller - Shadow Dancer. If you want to spend an evening on the edge of your seat, watching some of Ireland's finest young actors do what they do best, this won't let you down. Gav gives it four stars here while I chat to the Oscar winning director here. Then, if it's more lighthearted fare you're after, you have The Three Stooges and The Watch. Neither of them will blow your mind - let's be honest - but sometimes all you want is a bit of brain candy, right? Failing that, you've got the option of thriller documentary The Imposter, which we've no qualms in touting as one of the best documentaries of the year so far. Oh and there's also Keith Lemon: The Film which, if you're a fan of Keith Lemon, will be right up your street.

Lastly, for something a little bit different, this weekend sees the arrival of Darklight Festival - Ireland's premier festival celebrating independent, DIY, animation, VFX and artist film - which we at entertainment.ie are proud to sell tickets to! Between exclusive screenings, talks and open discussions, you'll be spoilt for choice with Darklight. All the deets and tickets are here.

Sure all we need now is a few sweets. Altogether now, 'let's all go to the lobbyyyy...'