We've already covered JK Simmons getting seriously ripped for the role, but we haven't seen him in costume as Jim Gordon - until now.

The role, which has previously been played by Gary Oldman, Pat Hingle and Bryan Cranston (the animated film Batman: Year One, in case you were wondering), is not necessarily a complex one and it'll be interesting to see what Zack Snyder does with it.

The image, shared by the director on his Twitter account, definitely has shades of the old noirish comic look that Batman had in the late '70s and '80s - and yes, Gordon's wearing the old-school fedora and trenchcoat as well.

So, thoughts? Well, look, JK Simmons is a fantastic actor and you only need to look at Whiplash to know he can do intensity. What's more likely to happen here is that he'll have a few scenes with Batman and that'll be that.

Our guess is they're setting him up for Ben Affleck's standalone Batman movie which, at this time anyway, is the only DC Comics film we're interested in seeing. Ben Affleck's a phenomenal director when he puts his mind to it and seeing him take on a comic-book movie character, especially one as iconic as Batman, will be interesting.

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