Horror parody Scary Movie has developed something of a cult status over the years and even as it turns eighteen years old this year (crazy, right?), its jokes about the likes of Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Sixth Sense, among others, are still very funny.

Fans of the movie will no doubt remember Doofy, Buffy’s older brother with special needs, who was revealed in the finale (SPOILER ALERT!) to be none other than Ghostface, the masked man who had been terrorising, slash getting high, with the group of friends all along.

Here were some of his best scenes:


The character was played by Dave Sheridan in his first major role, and he followed the movie with playing supporting roles in Ghost World and Bubble Boy, both released in 2001, as well as appearing as the taxi driver in the Red Hot Chili Peppers' music video for By the Way.

Yup, that’s him.


He’s also stayed good mates with Marlon Wayans – the writer, co-star and producer of Scary Movie – over the years, earning him parts in the likes of Fifty Shades of Black, A Haunted House and its sequel, and Netflix series Naked, but he’s still most renowned for Doofy.

Here's what he's looks like now.