Together with JACK & JONES, we're hosting The Well Dressed Premium Evening @ Odeon Point Village on May 19th.

To celebrate PREMIUM by JACK & JONES, a brand that suits men with a modern lifestyle and a stylish appearance - men who want to look classic, yet contemporary, we're going to show one of these eight classic films and you get to decide which one we screen.

It all takes place @ Odeon Point Village on May 19th at 7PM with goodie bags, drinks and a premium competition on the night itself. All you have to do is VOTE THE BEST SUITS IN THESE FILMS and once we've collated the results, we'll give you details on how you can make the PREMIUM CUT for your INVITE!

Your choices are...


CASINO (1995)

Martin Scorsese's glittering Vegas-set masterpiece sees Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci team up to take over the City of Sin. Set over a period of almost ten years, Casino charts the rise and fall of the mob's influence over Las Vegas told through the eyes of Ace Rothstein, a sportsbook operator who turns the Tangiers Casino into one of the most profitable businesses on the strip. Frequently violent and fiendishly funny, Casino easily ranks as one of the greatest gangster films ever made.



Steve McQueen is Thomas Crown, a millionaire businessman who has an odd form of entertainment - he orchestrates high-line robberies. When a beautiful insurance investigator (Faye Dunaway) is sent to track down the mastermind behind the robbery, she begins to circle Thomas Crown. Of course, the two don't plan on falling in love together and as the film progresses, it becomes clear that the two are meant for one another. Slick, effortlessly cool and way ahead of its time, The Thomas Crown Affair is one of Steve McQueen's most well-known roles.



Steve Carrell is a middle-aged father who discovers his wife, Julianne Moore, has been having an affair with one of her co-workers. Depressed, he begins to drink regularly at a bar whereupon he meets a slick womaniser played by Ryan Gosling. Taking pity on Carrell's plight, he takes him under his wing and teaches him out to wear a suit, be confident and talk to women. Meanwhile, Gosling finds himself breaking all of his rules as he starts to fall for Emma Stone, a young and independent woman who's taken his heart.



The quintessential story of '80s greed and excess, Michael Douglas made a career-defining role as Gordon Gecko. When young Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) has dreams of becoming a Wall Street magnate, he comes under the influence of Gecko, who's just using the wide-eyed Fox for his own personal vendettas. Directed by Oliver Stone, Wall Street was one of the defining films of the decade and cemented his status as one of the most thought-provoking directors in mainstream cinema.


SKYFALL (2012)

Easily the best Bond film of the past ten years, Daniel Craig's Bond faces near-death and his own past in an attempt to defeat a former MI6 agent (Javier Bardem) who's gone rogue. With jet-setting locations like Macau and, uh, Scotland, Skyfall reinvigorated the Bond franchise and became the most commercially successful film in the series to date.




Quentin Tarantino's first film, Reservoir Dogs has all the hallmarks and visual quirks that he would employ in his later works. Set directly a botched diamond heist, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi try to piece together what happened and who ratted who out. As the story progresses, we're introduced the other members of the crew - Michael Madsen, Chris Penn and Lawrence Tierney - who have their own questions as to how it all went down.




Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece and one of the very few examples of a sequel surpassing the original, The Godfather Part II needs no introduction. Its huge cast, expansive story and cultural impact cannot be understated and, almost fifty years after its release, is still considered one of the greatest films ever made.


LEGEND (2015)

Tom Hardy takes on the dual role of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, two of the most notorious gangsters in British history. Charting the bloody reign of terror the Krays held over London, Legend sees Hardy give one of his best performances as the Kray Twins. Together with a pulsing, period-correct soundtrack and some truly dark humour, Legend is a future classic in the British crime genre.


For the month of May, JACK & JONES are giving a FREE SHIRT WITH EVERY SUIT* purchased in the PREMIUM range. Just call into your local JACK & JONES store for more details!

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