Before you light up your torches and grab your pitchforks on this one, know that it's A) a stay-at-home remake B) has a pretty great cast, and C) it's for a good cause.

The 1987 fantasy-comedy classic is being remade as a stay-at-home, DIY home movie with a number of very well-known actors taking part. The stay-at-home remake is being made for Quibi, which we're told is a streaming service in the US and not some kind of flu remedy. Quibi, for some reason, breaks all of its content up until smaller episodes.

Yeah, it's weird and seems stupid, but bear with us. So, each part of 'The Princess Bride' will be remade with a different cast in each episode. For example, the opening scene in the original where the granddad, played by Peter Falk, opens the book and reads to the grandson, played by Fred Savage, is now played by Josh Gad and Rob Reiner.

Meanwhile, the roles of Westley and Buttercup are played by Common and Tiffany Haddish, Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb, and Neill Patrick Harris and David Burtka.

Jennifer Garner also turns up in a scene as Princess Buttercup too as does Joe Jonas in a terrible wig, while Hugh Jackman and David Oyelowo play the role of Prince Humperdinck. Meanwhile, Dave Bautista, Jason Segel and Brian Baumgartner - who played Kevin in 'The Office' - played the role of Fezzik, originally played by Andre The Giant back in the original.

Obviously, seeing as it's a home-made version of the movie, the special effects aren't exactly up to scratch. The Rats of Unusual Size, for example, are played by Sophie Turner's corgis, while Hugh Jackman wore a colander as a crown for another scene.

All in all, it's the best possible way to remake 'The Princess Bride' because nothing can possibly top the original - so why not make a crappy DIY version of it and raise money for charity as well? It's not clear if the movie will be released elsewhere online, but here's hoping.

In the meantime, here's a few clips posted to Vanity Fair's Instagram profile.