Ah, Tarantino. You gotta love him. After pretty much throwing his toys out of the pram and cancelling his next film, the bloody Western epic Hateful Eight, after it had been leaked online, he's back at it again.

The director held a live-read of what he's called "the first draft" of his screenplay in Los Angeles last night, with potential cast-members reading their parts.

Samuel L. Jackson (you know who he is), James Remar (the ghost-dad from Dexter), Bruce Dern (the old guy from Nebraska), Michael Madsen (Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs), Kurt Russell (SNAKE FUCKING PLISSKIN) and Tim Roth (the English dude from Reservoir Dogs) were among those who reading their parts live in front of an audience.

Variety reports that Tarantino even gave them directions and very specific camera-movements as the reading went on. He spoke about the rehearsal process for the night itself and that the fifth chapter of the screenplay has been completely rewritten.

There's no word of a start date for filming or even if it's actually going to happen.

The Weinstein Brothers were seated in the audience and considering the financial / critical success of Django Unchained, it seems this one is a dead cert to start production. It all depends on whether or not Tarantino actually wants to make it.