Sandra Bullock is set to star in and produce in a new romance action film. And Ryan Reynolds may be joining her.

The film is titled 'The Lost City of D'. Sandra Bullock plays a romance author who discovers that a fictional city she has written about is actually real.

Thus she heads out on a risky adventure to find it, teaming up with the actor who portrays the lead character from her book.

We're getting slight 'Stranger Than Fiction' slash 'Isn't It Romantic' vibes here.

And funnily enough the script is penned by the co-writer of the latter, Dana Fox.

Siblings Adam and Aaron Nee are directing.

The pair are known for helming 'Band of Robbers' and are also set to direct Netflix's 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe'.

The script is penned by Fox, based on an idea and treatment by Seth Gordon ('Horrible Bosses').

It's worth noting that while the studio is eyeing Ryan Reynolds as the movie's co-star, there's no deal in place just yet.

But Bullock and Reynolds were just fabulous together in the underrated 2009 rom com 'The Proposal'.

So here's hoping a deal pulls through.

Reynolds is currently shooting 'Red Notice' and will next star in 'Free Guy', which hits cinemas December.

Bullock's last big feature was 'Bird Box' and has a Nora Fingscheidt project also in the works.